OurMicronesia Work

The Capacity Building Program provides organizational and technical capacity-building and training activities for MCT's NGO and government partners, including financial and project management, technical training, and scholarships and internship programs.

The Conservation Program provides grants and technical assistance to on-the-ground conservation activities across Micronesia with a focus on projects proposed by small local non-governmental organizations (NGO) and community organizations.

The Livelihoods Program, the newest program at MCT, collaborates with partners to provide sustainable, alternative livelihoods to vulnerable communities in the Micronesian region. At present, the Livelihoods Program is supporting two projects: Coconut for Life Project and Solar Mama's Project.

Finance & Administration

The Finance and Administration Program provides assurance that financial data and transactions are properly entered into the accounting records and that financial reports are prepared accurately and in a timely fashion and also includes the human resources functions of MCT’s management responsibilities.