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MCT Team

Administrative & HR Program Manager

Micronesia Challenge Terrestrial Champion &Terrestrial Program Manager

Senior Grants Officer

Deputy Director for Capacity-Building and Livelhoods

Chuuk Solar Project Asst.

Deputy Director for Conservation & Climate Change

Conservation and Climate Change Programs

Winfred Mudong

Drinnette James

Danalynn Worswick

Isabelle Frank

Tamara G. Alefaio

Wendolin Roseo Marquez

Jo Lynne Gallen Mori

Shirley Ann Pelep

Bertha Reyuw

Kendall Dobich

Natasha Mefy Mori

Ivenglynn Andon

Santiago Joab Jr.

Capacity Building & Livelihoods Programs

Semleen Jano

Alpino Kerman Jr.

William Kostka

Lisa Ranahan Andon

Meileen Albert

Angie Primo Luther

Leadership & Administration/Finance

MCT Board of Trustees

Anna H. Mendiola


Austin J. Shelton III, PhD

Vice Chairperson

Dr. Yimnang Golbuu

Regional Trustee

Janice Castro

Regional Trustee

Shusaku Minoda

International Trustee

Bernd Cordes

International Trustee

Doreen Debrum

International Trustee

Trina Leberer

Honorary Trustee

Kathryn Relang


Ana Maria Won Pat-Borja

Regional Trustee

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MCT Technical Committee

Bernd Cordes

Technical Committee

Elizabeth (Liz) Terk

Technical Committee

Cara Flores

Technical Committee

Technical Committee

Patrick Blank

Technical Committee

Technical Committee

Technical Committee

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Surech Hidyeos

Technical Committee

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Kodep Ogumoru-Uludong

Technical Committee

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MCT Partners

Government Partners
NGO Partners
Support Partners

Association of Pacific Islands Legislatures

Micronesia Island Forum/Chief Executives

Pacific Islands Forum, Committee on Regionalism

Chuuk Department of Agriculture and Forestry

Chuuk Department of Marine Resources

Chuuk Environmental Protection Agency

Congress, Office of the President, Department of Justice

Department of Resources and Development

Kosrae Conservation and Enforcement Taskforce

Kosrae DREA Division of Agriculture

Kosrae Island Resource Management Authority

Office of Emergency and Environmental Management

Pohnpei Department of Economic Affairs

Pohnpei Department of Lands and Natural Resources

Pohnpei Department of Public Safety, Fish and Wildlife

Pohnpei Environmental Protection Agency

Pohnpei Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Yap Fishing Authority

Yap R&D Division of Agriculture and Forestry

Yap R&D Division of Land Resources

Yap R&D Marine Resource Management Division

Yap Resources and Development (R&D)

Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority

RMI Ministry of Resources and Development


Palau Ministry of Environment

Palau OERC

Palau Pan Fund

Forestry-Division of Land & Natural Resources

Department of Agriculture