MCT Past Projects: United States Forest Service

Profession Internships in Pacific (Terrestrial) Island Ecosystem Management (PIPTIEM) (years, $$)

The goal of the PIPTIEM program was to prepare young professionals to lead terrestrial natural resources organizations (government and non government). The program was composed of two major components. The first component was the "Micronesia Challenge" undergraduate internship program, which was designed to develop interest and leadership skill relevant to environmental management.

The other component focused on delivering formal training and one year of on-the job training though implementation of focus projects to current employees of natural resource organizations. The objectives of the focus projects were to develop capacity through learning as well as to achieve direct resource outcomes. The eight participants in the intern program spent a semester at the University of Hawaii at Hilo where they took a full course load focused on terrestrial resource management and skill building. While in Hilo they worked with Forest Service staff to develop their focus projects, which focused on watershed assessment and community outreach.

Focus projects included:

  • Promoting Conservation and Awareness Program through Education Awareness and Hands on Project for Kids in both Yela and Olum Watershed, KCSO, Kosrae
  • Pohnpei Sate Water Quality and Quantity in Nett Washed, Conservation Society of Pohnpei, Pohnpei
  • Aimeliik Forest Inventory and Watershed Assessment, Palau Conservation Society, Palau

Interns in Action

(Photos coming soon...)

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